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'The Genesis Of Freemasonry'

by David Harrison

'a well crafted work, a stimulating book, well is a book that provokes thought...' AQC

The Genesis Of Freemasonry looks at the more magical origins of Freemasonry, and discusses the Arthurian legend and the symbolism embedded in the 'cycle' - some of which filtered into Freemasonry and Rosicrucianism.

This book is a revealing but thoroughly enjoyable journey through the intricate history of English Freemasonry. Historian Dr David Harrison reconstructs the hidden history of the movement, tracing its roots through a mixture of mediaeval guild societies, alchemy and necromancy. He examines the earliest known Freemasons and their obsessions with Solomonís Temple, alchemy and prophecy to the formation of the Grand Lodge in London, which in turn led to rebellions within the Craft throughout England, especially in York and with the formation of the Ďantientsí. Harrison also analyses the role of French immigrant Dr Jean Theophilus Desaguliers in the development of English Freemasonry, focussing on his involvement with the formation of the mysterious modern Masonic ritual.

All Freemasons and more general readers will find much of interest in this fascinating exploration of the very beginnings of Freemasonry, still one of the most mysterious brotherhoods in the world. (Source -

Dr. David Harrison has written many articles and papers on the history of Freemasonry for a number of magazines and journals. His celebrated article on the Masonic rebellion in Liverpool recently appeared in Freemasonry Today: The Best of Ten Years Symbols and Mysteries. He has worked as a history lecturer for over ten years appearing at numerous conferences, and he has researched the complex and hidden history of English Freemasonry for his PhD at the University of Liverpool, which was recently published as a book by Lewis Masonic titled 'The Genesis of Freemasonry'. Dr. Harrison has also recently appeared on various radio programs including the BBC and was a guest on the contraversial Gardiner's World which features on Sky TV, discussing the book. (Source -


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Reviews for The Genesis of Freemasonry

'this book really does give you all the answers...' Masonic Art Exchange

'A considerable amount of good information is to be found in this book, in depth and fair easy book to recommend' The Northern Light

'A fascinating book...The Genesis of Freemasonry is an invaluable resource for future historians...Harrison demonstrates that the reality about Freemasonry is even more compelling than the myths...' Paranormal Magazine

'sound and solid, thorough in its research and its enquiry...' Fortean Times

'a valuable tool for the Masonic researcher...' Knight Templar Magazine

ĎAn excellent readí Daily Post

The Genesis of Freemasonry is published by Lewis Masonic. Dr. David Harrison is available to give talks to historical societies and groups, for more information you can e-mail him at



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