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Plotline - The early adventures of a young Merlin and his relationship with Prince Arthur set at Camelot in the mythical kingdom of Albion. 

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Fans can now pre-order volume 1 of Season 5 on DVD, which includes episodes 1-6,  from Amazon here. Volume 1 will be released on the 26th November 2012 with Vol. 2 & the complete 5th Series DVD released on 21st January 2013. More info here.

You can now view episodes of season for on iTunes here.

Merlin: The Dragon Tower attraction is the first exhibition inspired by the Merlin TV series and opened at Warwick Castle in April 2011. More info here. takes no responsibility for the content of external websites although if you have any concerns about copyright infringement please contact us at


The 13 episode first season is produced by Shine Limited for BBC Wales and follows the relationship of Merlin and Prince Arthur. Julian Murphy, Johnny Capps, Jake Michie and Julian Jones are the members of Shine's award winning production team who were behind such interesting series as Hex and Sugar Rush. 'Merlin' gained a great deal of attention after it was purchased by the NBC network in the United States, one of the US's major television networks. It's actually some time since a British TV series was actually purchased by a major television network in the US, particularly one that had not yet actually aired in the United Kingdom at the time.

Bionic Woman and Eastenders star, Michelle Ryan, made a guest appearance in the first series playing the character Nimway. Acclaimed actor John Hurt lent his voice to the character of Merlin's mentor, the Great Dragon. Also, Heroes's actor Santiago Cabrera, who played Isaac Mendez in the sci-fi series, played the part of Lancelot.



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