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Merlin Magic Coming To The Midlands!

Sorcery, swords and swashbuckling adventure will come to the Midlands as FremantleMedia Enterprises (FME) in collaboration with Warwick Castle (shown on the right) has announced that Merlin: The Dragon Tower attraction will open at Warwick Castle in April 2011. The launch date is April 14th.

Based on the hit BBC One family drama, Merlin: The Dragon Tower will be the first ever exhibition inspired by the show. Warwick Castle are working closely with Johnny Capps and Julian Murphy, the award winning creators and executive producers at Shine TV Ltd, and FME who have invested in the series and hold the exclusive distribution, home entertainment and licensing rights to the show. Warwick Castle aims to give visitors the chance to experience the magic of Arthurian legend first hand. At the heart of the attraction is a magical mirror, which will allow visitors to interact with The Great Dragon.

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Tim Harrison-Jones, General Manager of Warwick Castle, said; "This will be an exceptional visitor attraction, completely in keeping with our reputation as Britain's ultimate castle and designed to wow visitors young and old. We are the first attraction globally to have the rights to use the Merlin brand and it will be perfectly executed. We want people to feel as though they are walking into the TV show or stepping back in time to a world of wizardry and wonderment".

Pindy O'Brien, VP Brand Licensing & Retail, FME said, "As viewing figures continue to grow around the world, fantastic casting and new guest stars week on week, a growing licensing programme and now a fantastic new live event, Merlin has become a truly global brand. We're delighted to be working with Warwick Castle to give fans a whole new way to engage with Merlin off screen."

Merlin creators and producers Johnny Capps and Julian Murphy said, "Merlin has attracted a huge following in the UK and now with the help of FME and Warwick Castle, we are thrilled that fans can immerse themselves into this magical enchanted world even further".




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