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Plotline - Moving from King Arthur's birth to his eventual death, Camelot will be a tale of the Arthurian legends underpinned by historical authenticity.

Episode 9, The Battle Of Bardon Pass will air on the 30th July on Channel 4. Starz is not renewing the series for what the cable network said was down to 'significant production challenges.'

Joseph Fiennes ... Merlin
Jamie Campbell Bower ... Arthur
Claire Forlani ... Igraine
Peter Mooney ... Kay
Philip Winchester ... Leontes
Sebastian Koch ... Uther
James Purefoy ... Lot
Tamsin Egerton ... Guinevere
Eva Green ... Morgan
Sebastian Spence ... Lucan
Clive Standen ... Gawain
Diarmaid Murtagh ... Brastias
Daragh O'Malley ... Leodegrance
Sean Pertwee ... Ector
Fitz Regan ... TBC
Sinead Cusack ... Sybil
Jamie Downey ... Ulfius
Lara Jean Chorostecki ... Bridget
Colin Maher ... Duke Of Cornwall
Tyler Kennington ... Albion

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The series has been filmed at Ardmore studios, where “The Tudors” and classic the film “Excalibur” where both shot. Chris Chibnall is in charge of the show and previously worked on Life on Mars and Torchwood. He is also the writer on the Irish-Canadian coproduction, which was engineered by Executive Producers Morgan O’Sullivan of Octagon in Ireland and John Weber of Take 5 Productions in Canada. Other executive producers on the project are Oscar-winner Graham King and Tim Headington of GK Films and Craig Cegielski of GK-TV, James Flynn of Octagon, Douglas Rae of UK’s Ecosse Films, as well as Fred Fuchs, Anne Thomopoulos and Michael Hirst (who was producer on the series 'The Tudors' which maybe gives a clue to the sort of show we should expect).

In fact Mr. Chibnall (in conversation with describes the tone of this series as unlike anything ever seen of the popular legend, and said: “This is an adult drama; I think the great and amazing thing about Camelot is you can talk about political pursuits. You can talk about great agendas. You can talk about a King bringing hope to a turbulent kingdom. But the extraordinary thing in all the versions of Camelot and Arthurian legend is it is all about the romance. It’s all about the passion. It’s all about great ideals compromised by falling in love with the wrong person and great passions conflicting with…”

Post-production and visual effects were completed in Toronto, Canada. Starz has all U.S. rights – including home entertainment and digital distribution – to “Camelot”; GK-TV, a GK Films company, will handle the rest of the world, excluding Canada, where it is being distributed by Take 5 Productions. Camelot has been picked up by Channel 4 in the UK and will be shown in the later half of the year.

The cast is led by Jamie Campbell Bower (New Moon and the upcoming Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows) as King Arthur, Joseph Fiennes (Elizabeth, Shakespeare in Love) as Merlin, Eva Green (Kingdom Of Heaven) as Morgan, James Purefoy as Lot (Rome), Sebastian Koch (The Lives of Others) as Uther, Claire Forlani (Meet Joe Black, The Rock) as Queen Igraine, Tamsin Egerton (Keeping Mum,  The Mists of Avalon) as Guinevere and Peter Mooney as Arthur’s brother Kay.



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