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Plotline - A film about the lives of Harold Godwinson and William 1st set from the year 1036 to their final showdown at the Battle Of Hastings in 1066.

Producer, Director, Scriptwriter, Editor - Robin Jacob

Co-Scriptwriter/Historical advisor - Helen Hollick

The film is being made by producer/director/writer Robin Jacob. Arthurian author Helen Hollick who wrote 'Harold The King' is an advisor and co-writer, while Mark Lester, star of Oliver! is returning to acting to take a major role as Harold Godwinson. As of May 2009 no-one has yet been cast as William the Conqueror.

Mark Lester ... Harold Godwinson
Ronan Vibert ... Sweyn Godwinson
Gary Daniels ... Gyrth Godwinson
Giles Alderson ... Tostig Godwinson
Hatty Jones ... Eadgyrth Godwinson
Ian Whyte ... Harold Hadrada
Martin Klebba ... Turold
Katia Winter ... Edith Swanneck
Emily Hall ... Alditta
Matthias Hues ... Hugh De Montfort
Walter Gifford ... Anthony DeLongis
Matt Fiddes ... Viking Commander
Sean Lawlor ... Earl Leofric
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The film has by all accounts been thoroughly researched, and although it is not an adaptation of 'Harold The King' it is sure to focus on many of the events that are covered in the historical novel.

1066 is arguably the most prominent year in the British Middle Ages, but this is not only due to the Battle Of Hastings. There were two other major battles fought before the final showdown between Duke William and the Godwinson family. In the Battle Of Fulford Harald Hardrada defeated the Earls, Edwin and Morcar. Five days later he himself was defeated and killed by Harold Godwinson along with Harold's brother Tostig at the Battle Of Stamford Bridge.

Mr. Jacob is also planning to make a sequel '1087' which will look at the period of British history following 1066 up to the death of William The Conqueror in September 1087.

There are several Hollywood rival productions currently in development. One of them, to be written by acclaimed screen writer William Nicholson, is also currently titled 1066.

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